Beacon Hill School

Organising a trip through First Travel Solutions was a very straightforward and simple procedure. Throughout the booking process we were supported to a high standard by a dedicated contact that was both helpful in every way and knowledgeable and reassuring regarding the Centre and our chosen programme. This support was consistent from the conception through to delivery.

That First Education & School Travel offered a package which included everything – food, accommodation, activities and travel – added to the ease with which we were able to organise this visit and helped to keep the price low giving the school and students extremely good value for money.

The LA approval process was very quick and smooth given the ‘joined-up’ approach adopted through  First (Education & School Travel)  partnership..

The food, accommodation and facilities available at the centre were excellent and enjoyed by all. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the range of challenging yet accessible activities on offer, which I believe genuinely, helped them to both gel as a new intake group and develop team-working skills.

The highly professional staff at the Centre were fantastic in delivering the programme and dealing with our students. The same can be said of the First Education staff in their approach to managing this visit on our behalf.

Daniel Gee
Beacon HillSchool