Colsterworth's Ilam Explorer Trip June 2017

Colsterworth Primary School have booked numerous all–inclusive residential visits with us over the years as they like the fact that they deal with one person throughout the entire process who arranges everything for them. From executive coach travel direct from school to their chosen venue and return plus safe and secure accommodation, nutritious meals and all activities and risk assessments. This saves the trip organiser so much time and effort being able to use our one-stop shop provision for all the various elements that make up a school trip. As a further reason our simple 3 stage invoicing process means that the school don’t get bogged down with lots of invoices from different organisations.

2017’s TRIP
We asked if we could visit the group whilst on their 3 night / 4 day residential at Ilam Hall on a Thursday morning in June, our intention was to meet the leaders and to get feedback from the children themselves. We want to make sure our groups enjoy the trips we offer and that we are doing all we can in our service provision. The group was small made up of just 13 pupils in year 6.

The activity schedule for this particular day consisted of team building and problem solving within the hostel grounds which the children threw themselves into with great enthusiasm.
The first exercise was Giant Ski’s, working as a team they had to walk all together using the skis and pick up small bean bags along the way, easy you might think! The fact that the skis have no foot straps and the pupils had to work in synchronisation was no easy task, they were not allowed to step off the skis, if they did, they had to go back to the start and begin again, also, when collecting the bean bags, they had no bags etc to keep them in, one group had the ingenious idea of using their sweatshirt hoods to carry them in.

The next activity was the tyre stack challenge, there were 3 poles and the object of the exercise was to moving various sized tyres from post 1 to post 3 and keep them in the correct order. One of the groups quickly worked out the formula and had the task complete within 10 minutes.
The group went into the hostel ready for their lunch after a morning of physical and mental challenges. They had all enjoyed the time spent at Ilam and were discussing which activity they each liked best, this varied drastically, suffice to say, it was an outstanding success.

We spoke to the teachers who said they had greatly enjoyed the trip, they said it was fantastic for this year group as they would be moving on to high school in September and the trip helped them bond as a group better than in a school environment.