The Staff Room

Welcome to The Staffroom! We recognise the importance of solid and detailed planning when arranging a school trip or overnight residential visit. We appreciate the considerable effort involved in bringing together all the supporting documentation required to cover each element of the trip in order to satisfy your authority and/or key decision makers. Within this area we collate the necessary and statutory documentation in downloadable format to support you in planning for your trip and to enable you to demonstrate that all due diligence processes have been carried out ahead of your visit. Whilst the information held here is comprehensive and covers all aspects of trip planning, we always recommend that group leaders visit their chosen venue in advance to meet with staff and to agree the programme content. This pre-trip planning visit also provides an opportunity for staff to discuss any special requirements that may need to be arranged in advance and also enables staff to familiarise themselves with the site and its facilities.

We have produced a great planning guide for teachers charged with organising a school trip - "PLANNING YOUR SCHOOL TRIP" the guide offers a step by step aid to planning your next visit - the guide is listed in our "Brochures" section.   

As members of The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom we understand the huge benefits of learning outside the classroom and in giving pupils experience in new situations and environments. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that any pupils and staff taking part in our trips can do so safely and with confidence and achieve learning outcomes.

If you require further information on the benefits of learning outside the classroom, click on the link below.